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A Taboo Life

Everybody Has a Story to Tell

Impartial, unedited and unfiltered conversations with people who have lived unique lives. We talk about life, adventure, love, sex and everything else in between. The show also covers topics which are overlooked and taboo. Deep down this podcast is about empathy and I am trying to show the world how interesting a single person can be. 

Apr 18, 2019

Cougar Eberhardt and Shannon Barrett are a husband and wife duo who own and operate Phenomenal Fungi, where they grow mushrooms for tinctures and restaurants in Asheville and Black Mountain, N.C. Cougar is a trained herbalist, and mycologist and Shannon is an HR rep by day and business owner by night. We talk about how amazing mushrooms are for not only cooking but for your health and cleaning the environment. We also discuss Cougar’s practice into spirituality and why he resents the title of “Shaman.”

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