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A Taboo Life

Everybody Has a Story to Tell

Impartial, unedited and unfiltered conversations with people who have lived unique lives. We talk about life, adventure, love, sex and everything else in between. The show also covers topics which are overlooked and taboo. Deep down this podcast is about empathy and I am trying to show the world how interesting a single person can be. 

Oct 31, 2018

Wolfgang Von Mertz, or just Wolf, owns Wolf's Museum of Mystery in St. Augustine, FL. He and his wife collect artifacts, art and oddities from around the world specializing in the strange and macabre. They have African artifacts, Dr. Kevorkian's art, and personal letters to Wolf from Charles Manson, and a bedroom dedicated to Lizzie Borden, among other things. We discuss his unusual hobby, his former career as an Air Force Officer and a Lawyer, and his love for animals, especially his pet chicken named Irma.

His museum has been featured in many documentaries and in an independent film titled, "The Laughing Mask."

Check out A Taboo Life's and Wolf's Museum of Mystery Instagram account to see photos of his collections.